Pomees Shape Me

Pomees Shape Me

Pomees shape me is a compression garment supporting weak abdomen...
by VT AFSAL on January 19, 2024
best maternity shops online

best maternity shops online

Pomees is a clothing brand that is generally admired for...
by VT AFSAL on January 19, 2024
No.1 Maternity wear in kerala

No.1 Maternity wear in kerala

No.1 Maternity Wear in Kerala

    • Look for comfortable and stretchy fabrics.¬†You'll want clothes that move with you as you grow.
    • Choose adjustable waistbands or empire waists.¬†This will help you accommodate your growing bump.
    • Don't be afraid to size up.¬†You may find that your regular size no longer fits during pregnancy.
    • Think about layers.¬†This will give you more flexibility in terms of temperature and style.
    • Invest in a few key pieces.¬†A good pair of maternity jeans,¬†a comfortable nursing bra,¬†and a versatile dress can go a long way.
  • Most importantly, wear what makes you feel good!¬†Pregnancy is a time to embrace your changing body and feel confident in your own skin.


by VT AFSAL on December 30, 2023



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