No.1 Maternity wear in kerala

by VT AFSAL on December 30, 2023

Pomees is a clothing brand that is generally admired for the most extreme comfort, safety, and popular styles and their range is broadly valued on the lookout of its features. Shrink resistance colorfastness and fine sewing is few of our top features. 

A clothing brand established in the year of 2012 by Shyju Mathew and Shaju Thomas and  a young enthusiastic entrepreneurs.
Pomees is clothing brand is generally admired for most extreme comfort, styles and their range broadly valued on the lookout of its features. Shrink resistance, color fastness, fine stitching and comfort is few of our top features. We provide ladies night dress, quality leggings and maternity wears and casuals. Pomees has grown in stature as one of the leaders in ladies garment manufacturing segment in this part of the world. The team consist of textile professionals, fashion designers, skilled laborer's and marketing experts.
Apart from having a state of the art and manufacturing environment, Pomees also got a devoted exploration wing to examine key parts of business, going from the idea of different textures to the most latest trends.
Pomees garments are available at all the major textile shops across Kerala and company is all set to explore the markets in the neighboring states.